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The WAR Collector's Edition

EA Mythic is proud to present the Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Collector's Edition, a limited-run, premium version of the game for true Warhammer fans. It is the perfect addition to any Warhammer collection and can be proudly displayed alongside your army of miniatures. This special oversized box contains unique collectibles and exciting in-game content to help you get the most out of your journeys through the battlefields of the Age of Reckoning. Only 60,000 units of the Collector's Edition will be available in North America. (We're making a couple extra, but those are for us!)
Мифическая Архитектура системы управления предприятием горда представить Warhammer Онлайн: Возраст Счета Выпуска Сборщика, ограниченная управляемая, премиальная версия игры для истинных болельщиков Warhammer. Это - прекрасное дополнение к любому собранию Warhammer и может быть гордо показано рядом с вашей армией миниатюр.Эта специальная негабаритная коробка содержит уникальные предметы коллекционирования и возбуждение в-игре содержания, чтобы помочь Вам получать наиболее из ваши поездки через поля битвы Возраста Счета. Только 60 000 единиц Выпуска Сборщика будут доступны в Северной Америке. (Мы делаем пару дополнительной, но те - для нас!)
Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Collector's Edition
Size: Approximately 13.5" x 10" x 3"
Weight: Approximately 7lbs

The Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Collector's Edition includes:

From the Age of Reckoning to your tabletop battle!

Based on original characters from the game, this official Games Workshop Warhammer miniature depicts the Greenskin warboss, GRUMLOK, and his shaman, GAZBAG, in rich detail. Assembly and painting is required.
Armed with the great axe Gutrippa and imbued with extraordinary powers by the Witch King, Malekith, these inseparable companions possess abilities beyond any normal Greenskin. Through a combination of brute force and cunning intellect (for a Greenskin, at least), Grumlok & Gazbag are able to unite the tribes of the Worlds Edge Mountains in a mighty WAAAGH! and sack the Dwarf fortress of Karak Eight Peaks. Now they set their sights on nothing short of the eradication of the Dwarfs completely.

The forces of Order and Destruction collide under the red Chaos moon!

Commissioned specifically for the Collector's Edition, WARHAMMER ONLINE: PRELUDE TO WAR is a full-color, 128-page hardcover graphic novel that sets the stage for the start of the game. Written by acclaimed Games Workshop writer, Graham McNeill, the oversized book is richly illustrated by Chad Hardin, Joe Abraham, Rahsan Ekedal, Tony Parker, and Kevin Hopgood. Each of the graphic novel's six chapters tells a unique story that together detail the events leading up to the Age of Reckoning:
  • Hill of the Dead — The Chaos warrior, Tchar'zanek, undertakes a harrowing quest to cement his place as the dread Champion of Tzeentch.
  • Shadow of the Hunter — Famed Dark Elf hunter, Kaloth Coldshadow, journey's to the Old World to capture a Greenskin leader to aid the Witch King with his plans.
  • WAAAGH! Grumlok — Grumlok & Gazbag unite the Greenskin tribes in a mighty WAAAGH! and lead the assault on the Dwarf fortress of Karak Eight Peaks.
  • Thunder Mountain — The Dwarfs rally against the invading Greenskins under the shadow of the great volcano.
  • Northern Fire — The Empire fights a desperate battle against the invading hordes of Chaos.
  • The Shining Guard — Tyrion and Finubar, the Phoenix King, wrestle with the duties of protecting their homeland and aiding their allies against the forces of Destruction.

A Stunning Collection of Art that Gave Birth to the Age of Reckoning

THE ART OF WARHAMMER ONLINE is a 224-page hardcover collection of original art from the game. Each of the glossy, full-color pages showcases the talented work of our concept artists and offers a glimpse at a world in the making.

"Wisdom is its own reward, and to those found worthy of such a gift the potential is limitless…"

Readers of the Librams of Insight are granted special insight into their own actions and earn experience at a higher rate for a limited time. (+10% XP modifier for 60 minutes, 3 uses, 90 minute reuse timer.)

New Adventures and Just Rewards Await You on the Battlefields

Purchasers of the Collector's Edition will begin their adventures in the Age of Reckoning with twelve (12) additional quests awaiting them in the Tome of Knowledge. Each quest offers an exciting reward, as well as an exclusive character title, that will aid the player in their battles on the frontlines.

Sample Quests, Rewards, and Titles:

Quest: The Only Way to Fight
Type: Dwarf / PvE (Open to characters allied with the Realm of Order.)

Anyone can drink and anyone can fight, but only a Dwarf was born t' do both! Are you ready t' prove what kind of Dwarf ye are? Take a proper drink o' this Chuffinbrau, for it'll get ye nice and tight, then get t' killin' greenskins before you sober up!
Reward: Furd's Bottomless Mug. This ale stein is encrusted with a special rune to ensure it never goes empty. One swig of its brew and you'll feel stronger and ready for a fight. Beware, this sense of power comes at a cost!
Title: Brewmaster

Quest: Spoils of War
Type: Chaos / RvR (Open to characters allied with the Realm of Destruction.)

Go, and cleave the skulls of those who stand against the Raven Host. Take part in the battle at New Emskrank and cut down one of each type of your Empire foes.
Reward: Griffonslayer's Mantle. Equip this cloak made from a fallen Order of the Griffon banner and enjoy the "Emperor's Protection."
Title: Griffonslayer

Full List of Quests, Rewards, and Titles:

Quest – The Only Way to Fight
Type – Dwarf / PvE
Reward – Furd's Bottomless Mug
Title – Brewmaster
Quest – Know thy enemy
Type – Dwarf / RvR
Reward – Gareksson's Brutebashin' Ring
Title – Brutecleaver
Quest – Ogre Wine
Type – Greenskin / PvE
Reward – Gutbuster's Best Gourd
Title – Piledigger
Quest – Stunties is fer Scrappin'
Type – Greenskin / RvR
Reward – Stunty Noggin
Title – da Scrapper
Quest – Enemies Abound
Type – Empire / PvE
Reward – Seal of the Faithful
Title – The Purifier
Quest – Out in the Open
Type – Empire / RvR
Reward – Crest of the Ravenslayer
Title – Ravenslayer
Quest – All Wrapped Up
Type – Chaos / PvE
Reward – The Unblinking Eye
Title – The Power-Hungry
Quest – Spoils of War
Type – Chaos / RvR
Reward – Griffonslayer's Mantle
Title – Griffonslayer
Quest – A Life in the Balance
Type – High Elf / PvE
Reward – Yenlui Orb
Title – The Balanced
Quest – Centuries in the Making
Type – High Elf / RvR
Reward – Cloak of Nagarythe
Title – Hopebringer
Quest – Sense of Style
Type – Dark Elf / PvE
Reward – Blackwing's Implements
Title – Painmaster
Quest – Sacred Undertaking
Type – Dark Elf / RvR
Reward – Habiliment of Khaine
Title – Bloodknight

"You've got that look I want to know better..."

Now you can stand out in a crowd with a look unlike anyone else! The WAR Collector's Edition includes twelve (12) bonus heads for additional character customization options. Each race gets a truly unique look (with male and female versions) that is sure to turn heads on the battlefields and be the envy of everyone in the army.

WAR Collector's Edition Pre-Order Program

Only 60,000 units of the Collector's Edition will be available in North America so don't miss out. Pre-order your copy today! You'll have the chance to gear up with special items and experience the glory of Realm vs. Realm™ combat before the rest of the recruits even set foot in the game world.

Special WAR Collector's Edition Pre-Order Bonuses Include:

Be one of the first players to experience the glory of battle and the thrill of WAR when the open beta phase begins!

Begin your adventures in the Age of Reckoning before the raw recruits arrive!

Equip your characters for the journey to the frontlines with these helpful bonus items!
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